Ever wondered why Boxfish are shaped in a way that seems, well, not very good for swimming? Check out this video I wrote for SciShow to find out!

Did you really know that thing? Or do you just think you knew it because now you know it, you know? I pitched and wrote the script for this video about hindsight bias for SciShow Psych.

When you think particle accelerator you think BIG, right? Well researchers are working on shrinking accelerators, explained in this video I pitched and wrote for SciShow.

Ever notice that the inner and outer rims of a wheel are two differently sized circles which both travel the same distance when rotated 360 degrees? That’s the paradox of Aristotle’s Wheel. This video I pitched and wrote for Up and Atom explains the solution to the paradox which takes us all the way out to the nature of infinity!

This video has the second highest number of views of any video on the channel, despite being one of the newest published videos.

Be prepared to never look at numbers the same way again after watching this video I pitched and wrote on number systems for Up and Atom

An informal gender analysis project, tracking the gender of sources mentioned in non-fiction books that I read

Previous projects

Newsletter for 500 Queer Scientists

I helped Brady Gerber with newsletter development for 7 for Seven

I was the interim writer for SciJournr, a weekly newsletter featuring jobs and opportunities in science communications